We Fix Essays

University students often find themselves overworked and stressed out over seemingly endless essays assigned one after another. Asking someone to “fix my essay” can often be a burden on one’s friends and family, while choosing the right person to take on the task can either make or break your grades. Paper writing services often have templates that they use to ‘customize’ your paper for you, but it usually results in low quality, plagiarized work, which is why we do not write papers. It’s actually quite easy to use sources like Google Scholar to find good research material and write a half decent essay, and when combined with a professional proofreader, you can turn your B- essay into an A+ essay within a few hours.

Having your essay fixed up by a professional can get you higher grades and often times it’s the small, easy fixes, that you miss when you review your own work, that our editors will find and correct. English has confusing grammar rules which take years of practice and use to fully master, which is why English language proofreaders at Edit My Paper can bridge the gap and allow you to learn from your corrected mistakes, rather than from lost marks. We use Microsoft Word markups to easily show you what your editor did, allowing you to accept or reject each edit, and review the comments your editor left for you.

You Write The Paper

It’s without a doubt easier to formulate your own ideas than try to convey want you want to another person. By coming up with your own essay content, you are able to follow your professor’s structure and topics, as well as any advice your TA has given you. Following instructions and answering your essay question the correct way is how professors grade papers, in addition to the content, which needs to be presented in a way that is coherent and at an expected university level. Teacher assistants or teaching assistants, often have a clear idea of what they are looking for in a paper, so having a teaching assistant, professor, or graduate student edit and proofread your paper before submitting it to be marked, can often result in a higher grade.

Editors specialize in helping you to fix run on sentences which are often confusing to anyone reading your paper, diluting the content you have worked so hard to research and detail in your essay. Thus, choosing the right proofreader who will not only edit your work thoroughly, but provide helpful suggestions on how to improve your work, can easily take your paper to the top of your class!

Our Editors Fix Your Mistakes

With this in mind, if you’re unsure of whether you’ve squeezed every last ‘mark’ out of your essay, send it to one of our professional editors. In less than three minutes you can upload your paper to be edited, choose from one of our fast turnaround times, and have it back in 90 minutes! When you get it back you’ll be able to view and accept all changes. Let us fix your essay mistakes to help you get a better grade today!

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