Grammarly is a solid product – if it wasn’t, it wouldn’t be so popular, right? Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, Grammarly works to help users correct some of their spelling mistakes, grammar mistakes, and punctuation mistakes. It aims to enhance individual sentences – without necessarily considering the intended meaning of the sentence or considering how the sentence fits in with the main argument being put forth in adjacent sentences and subsequent paragraphs.

In turn, Edit My Paper is a first-rate editing service. Note that it is not just a product, but a service that employs some of the finest professional editors in the world. These writing professionals work meticulously to locate and correct errors – this includes spelling errors, grammar errors, and punctuation errors. But your Edit My Paper editor will provide a far more substantive editing as they will also look for passive voice, wordy sentences, issues with logic, and other potential issues. They will help your writing process by teaching you the fundamentals of writing to help focus your argument and help you produce an outstanding paper. In fact, the average Edit My Paper editor, chosen after overcoming the rigorous selection process, is a professional writer and a subject-matter expert in his or her area – these are the perfect real people who can help guide you along your writing journey!

What product or service is right for your needs?  Read on and let’s figure it out!


First, let us examine Grammarly and consider its strengths and weaknesses.


A main reason people are drawn to Grammarly is that it provides instantaneous feedback. The Artificial Intelligence in its program lets you know immediately if it feels you are making a mistake. It offers suggestions and urges you to amend your work.

A second main strength is the price. A subscription to Grammarly is fairly inexpensive, especially if you opt in for the one-year plan. If you are responsible for many writing projects, the system will be there for you every step of the way.

Grammarly excels at catching grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, typographical errors, and other common errors. It also does well to denote repetitive words, even suggesting synonyms for you to consider.

If you do not excel in writing or if English is not your first language, Grammarly can help you write certain documents.


Grammarly’s AI is impressive and uses large amounts of computational power. However, in the end, even the best AI cannot achieve the same standards that a reputable professional copyediting service can reach. The Grammarly editor, including that used in Grammarly Premium and Grammarly Business, cannot truly think for itself. While Grammarly aims to make individual sentences exceptional, it cannot consider topics as a whole and it cannot achieve the same standards of professional editing services.

Moreover, even though Grammarly’s main focus is on individual sentences, even Grammarly Premium can struggle with complicated sentences. This ties in to the previous point in that the AI system cannot truly think to be able to understand a writer’s idea and ensure that it comes across properly. In fact, the beginning of my previous sentence is the perfect case in point: my computer’s AI tells me that “this ties in” is incorrect, instead suggesting “this tie” or “these ties”. The AI assume “ties” is a plural noun rather than a verb. If I were to agree to the suggestions made by my AI, my sentence would no longer make sense.

Grammarly lacks the real-world experience that professional editors have. The system cannot explain why a phrase or an idea may please or upset the average professors in North American educational institutions. In turn, professional editors work with these profs and they can provide genuine feedback on this topic.

The most important flaw with Grammarly is that it cannot help focus an individual user’s arguments. Professional editors are able to understand a client’s aims, suggest specific ideas to enhance the thesis statement, topic sentences, and other key argumentative sentences. Whether you’re writing term papers, theses, academic papers or even admissions essays, it is essential that you excel at this. Unfortunately, Grammarly, Grammarly Premium and Grammarly Business cannot help you in this area.

Final Verdict on Grammarly:

Grammarly can be very useful for helping certain people write particular works. Specifically, people who are weak writers and people whose first language isn’t English can very much benefit from using Grammarly when they are working on items such as emails to friends, blog posts, social media posts, and other such documents. The system will catch many obvious errors in spelling and grammar in individual sentences. The inexpensive price and instantaneous feedback are strong drawing points as well.

In contrast, you get what you pay for. Grammarly is not recommended for more important works, including essays written by college students and reports written by working professionals. The system’s AI lacks the ability of a professional editor to identify meaning and to strengthen important aspects such as arguments. It is quite common for the Artificial Intelligence to misread an idea and make incorrect suggestions. In turn, the people that most need the service may be prone to accepting suggestions that change the meaning of their works.

Edit My Paper

Now, let’s look at the strengths and weaknesses of Edit My Paper.


Edit My Paper provides full-service editing. They employ real people who are subject-matter experts. This means that an expert editor working for Edit My Paper is well versed in writing and grammar and is also an authority on the topic of your paper – from philosophy to microbiology; from law to applied mathematics. Literary editing, scientific editing, technical editing, advanced editing of all kinds – they can edit all that and more. What’s your subject matter? They can help you with that.

As mentioned, not only are Edit My Paper’s editors native English speakers, they are also authorities on the English language. They have been educated at some of the finest universities in North America and Europe – most of them have Master’s Degrees and PhDs – and they are excited to help you with your paper and to teach you the fundamentals of writing. They offer fast and accurate editing to find spelling errors, run-on sentences, issues with tense, and a wide range of grammatical errors. And if your paper isn’t in English, Edit My Paper also has professional editors who are experts in German, Spanish and French.

The professional editors at Edit My Paper go beyond only editing for language. They help you focus your argument; they look out for issues with logic; they offer suggestions on how to make your paper as good as possible. If you’re a newer writer, they can practically teach you how to write a paper. If you’re an experienced writer, they can still point out areas that you can improve to enhance your content and improve your writing style.

Edit My Paper edits multiple types of papers. They help university students with their academic papers, and they are also equipped to edit theses and dissertations. Edit My Paper editors frequently work on manuscripts, including those aimed at academic journals as well as full-length fiction and non-fiction works. They edit business documents, including very technical pieces, that will help you at your job; and they also edit resumes and CVs to help you find the right job. They edit admissions documents, personal statements, and anything else you can think of – they know the fundamentals of writing all of them!

Edit My Paper offers affordable prices. Compared with other professional proofreading services, Edit My Paper has very reasonable rates, partly due to the fact that they utilize the Canadian dollar. When you consider the services they offer, this is great bang for your buck. They have multiple edit tiers to fit anyone’s needs and everyone’s budget – Gold, Silver, Bronze, and even Pro Level editing is offered.

Edit My Paper offers extras for those that want even more help. Although the well-educated editors are meticulous in their work, clients can identify as being English as a Second Language (ESL) or simply request extra editing. You can ask to receive extra comments, in-depth critiques, or help with your formatting or citations. These options are very helpful, and they are easy additions to make as you submit your paper.

Although not instantaneous like Grammarly, Edit My Paper provides very swift feedback. Their editors are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Do you want your paper edited in a day? They can do that. 7 hours? They can do that too. In fact, you can get your paper edited in as little as 90 minutes – just an hour and a half! Or, if it’s no real rush, you can opt to have your paper edited in three business days to save a few bucks.

Customer support is available on Edit My Paper. More than that, it is easy to find and quick. Do you want to request an expert in a particular subject or perhaps even an exact editor? Customer support can help. Do you want to get a plagiarism checker to examine your writing assignment to ensure you won’t run into any trouble? They’ve got you covered. Customer support is happy to offer pricing quotes, help in submitting your work, and a variety of special requests. If you have any questions, just ask.


Unlike Grammarly, Edit My Paper does not offer instantaneous feedback. Having said that, if you have 90 minutes or more before you need to turn in your final product, you can submit it to Edit My Paper and receive accurate and helpful feedback before your due date.

To use Edit My Paper’s services, you need to pay every time you submit a paper. In contrast, Grammarly offers monthly subscriptions. However, Edit My Paper offers very reasonable rates. Considering that the editing is substantive and of a far higher quality, you end up getting a great return on investment when you submit a paper.

Final Verdict on Edit My Paper:

As you can see above, Edit My Paper has far more strengths than weaknesses. This editing service offers accurate grammatical editing while going more in depth to provide feedback on formatting your work, content, and writing style. The professional editors are highly educated and provide helpful feedback on a variety of works and an almost unlimited amount of subject areas. They have a range of editors to fit different price ranges and offer some extra services to go above and beyond other online editing services. Edit My Paper’s services are highly recommended.

Overall Verdict:

Edit My Paper offers first-rate professional editing services. I won’t repeat everything I just wrote in the paragraph above, so go back up and reread it if you want. Edit My Paper is extremely helpful to students, prospective students, academic professionals, business professionals, and more. The site’s affordable rates ensure that you get great bang for your buck. In turn, if your budget is really limited, you might consider purchasing Grammarly as the subscriptions offer unlimited usage for your writing works. Having said that, you get what you pay for. After spending all that money on tuition, wouldn’t you rather achieve high grades to ensure you find the career that you want? Or if you’re already a working professional, don’t you want to submit the best possible product to ensure you not only maintain your job, but that you also advance in your career?

For all your editing needs, submit your papers to Edit My Paper.