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Edit My Paper’s editors are language professionals who not only enjoy reading and correcting articles, but also have university degrees. They will edit your writing and make all the necessary corrections without any hassle!
Our Gold and Professional level editors are experts from top universities in the United States, Canada, Great Britain and Australia.
They speak English as their primary language and have an excellent track record of impressing writers like yourself!

Review our vetting process and review some of our editor bios. We always pair your document with the editor who we feel can best help you succeed.
As soon as you submit your document, we immediately begin analyzing the requirements and content of it to find YOU the best editor possible.
After ensuring your document is paired with an appropriate subject-specific editor, we then begin our first read of your document.
Editing is done on the second pass using Microsoft Word’s Track Changes and helpful comments are provided on the right side of your paper.
A final pass is done to make sure everything was completed, and additional comments are left. We double check all the work before we submit it so that YOU can be 100% confident in your writing!
Your document is automatically returned via email (usually early) and you can download it from your account. We always provide a clean edited and tracked changes copy for your convenience!



Zack is a professional editor who has a knack for editing and offers his services to clients with a journal article, dissertation or paper that needs polishing. He knows all of the most popular citations styles from APA format to MLA style and is qualified to edit manuscripts in many different fields like humanities or science. Zack takes pride in giving feedback thoroughly but also directly so you don't waste time asking about what he means throughout your document!


Allyson is a certified Law Clerk with over 30 years in the business world including as a Court Reporter transcribing and editing court documents, legal clerk drafting and editing all types of paperwork. She has both an English/Philosophy BA degree along with her more recently acquired B.Ed., which allows Allyson to teach academics at any level while also tutoring students or helping them with anything else they may need from writing essays to summarizing books word-for-word!


NK is a Professor of Human Physiology (neurophysiology, cardiovascular, respiratory, immunology), with a BSc in biochemistry, MSc in biophysics and PhD in biomedical science. NK has been helping writers with diverse scientific works for over a decade, and enjoys helping clients improve their written work and learn from the errors they make along the way. NK has articles published in top-tier journals including Current BiologyPNASAdvances in Experimental Medicine and BiologyPLoS OneEuropean Journal of PhysiologyPhotochemistry and Photobiology.


Jean’s editing focus is on clear, concise, and consistent writing, being heavily influenced by her science background. Her dissertation was in Ecology and Evolution, and she continues to publish in that field. Her detail-oriented nature lends itself to formatting papers. She enjoys mentoring others and tries to provide explanatory comments with all her edits. She also has extensive experience in biostatistics and is not afraid of math! 


J.N. has a BA Hons. and MA in English from one of the top universities in Canada, which is why he's such an excellent editor with his wide range of expertise. His editing skills are appreciated by clients. Those who have worked with him comment on how thorough his edits are, and they appreciate the detail he puts into their work. He has collaborated on works in diverse scientific fields; in recent years, he has focused predominantly on areas in medical science such as oncology, immunology, and neurology, as well as on social sciences such as psychology and anthropology. Publication credits include peer-reviewed journals like the American Journal of MedicineThe International Journal of Medical Sciences, and the International Journal for Intercultural Relations as well as books published by Springer and Routledge. Joseph is diligent, thorough, and offers valuable feedback in terms of style and grammar as well as with regard to arguments and ideas.


Shana is an experienced and well-qualified English guru with a background in Medieval and Renaissance Studies. She has two additional certifications from Canadian universities: one for Technical Writing & Editing, the other specifically for editing. Shahna enjoys working on all articles she can get her hands on, leaving helpful feedback along the way!


Harold is a university professor who specializes in English and History. As a senior professor, his job revolves around editing academic journal articles, providing feedback for Ph.D. candidates and helping students perfect their English writing.


Katie is a former university English instructor with 10+ years of experience transforming business, academic and ESL projects into critically edited documents that are error-free. She brings the knowledge gained from an academic’s perspective to her work as a passionate editor and proofreader across disciplines.


Tiana has a lot of experience in both writing and editing. She holds degrees in English, Philosophy and is an author who's been published professionally as well. She worked at the Writing Centre for her university teaching students how to become better writers. She enjoys editing subjects like business, education assessment reports etc., but can edit almost any type of document for you!


Struan's extensive knowledge of politics, philosophy and economics make him a valuable asset to any company. In his free time he enjoys reading about business, nursing or anything related to the social sciences.


Joan has always enjoyed working with language and never tires of finding the best ways to make words work effectively for any given purpose. She was trained as an educator, and now she continues her pursuits in both education and writing by working with students who need help improving their own skills through feedback on how to improve articles for professional journal submissions or books. She provides clients with clear and professional input on how to improve their writing for specific purposes, such as professional journal submissions or books. Past clients have included researchers writing articles in such disciplines as the environment, biology and genetics targeted to scientific journals including PLOS One, Environmental DNA and Ecology and Society.

Rob S.

Rob is an experienced academic editor with a BA and distinction MPhil degree in English from Cambridge. After teaching English in a leading UK independent school, Rob has since returned to academia to write a PhD on the confluence of literature and corporations, with an especial focus on the cultural intersections of medical history, mental health, literature, and work. Rob’s editing specialisms vary widely according to his various interests and passion for good English writing. He has copy-edited dissertations, articles, meta-analyses, reports, and technical writing for clients as diverse as medical researchers, pharmaceutical companies, non-Western governments, law practitioners, educational professionals and schools, humanities researchers, and even a professional golf enterprise. Accordingly, Rob isn’t afraid to read widely and use his existing knowledge to inform his editing practices, and he thus ensures every paper he edits is accurate, detailed, and rigorous, all while offering helpful feedback on style and usage.  


Cory works as an editor for professional journals, newspapers and magazines. He enjoys working with writing staff to edit their work, providing feedback where needed. When he is not busy reading or editing articles on a variety of topics, Cory can be found curled up in bed reading manuscripts and popular books.

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