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EditMyPaper.ca - Privacy Policy

We value your business and have outlined our Privacy Policy below in plain language.

Does Edit My Paper collect any information?

Edit My Paper collects the information provided during editing transactions, registration or providing relevant information in order to facilitate an editing transaction, newsletter email, training, or internal auditing.

Edit My Paper collects and stores for a limited amount of time any paper uploaded in order to complete the transaction and for possible disputes. We make your edited paper accessible to you via your password protected account. All information and documents are stored securely and you can submit an early deletion request via email or via live chat.

Editing transactions and registration of editors involves the collection of any information deemed necessary, all of which you will be asked for prior to collection. Browsing the site does not involve the collection of any information unless you fill out a form, register or conduct an editing transaction. All financial information such as credit card information is processed via Stripe.com (or PayPal) which is handled by Stripe’s (or Paypal’s) SSL encryption and industry standard privacy policies. Edit My Paper does not store any credit card information as it is processed by Stripe (or PayPal) and subject to their Terms of Service.

How is your information used?

Basic information such as first or last names may be used for email purposes, editor auditing or maintaining transaction records. All information is processed via SSL encryption and is stored securely. Editors or potential editors can request any formal copy of academic records provided for registration to be deleted once the editor has completed verification. By accepting our Privacy Policy and using our service, you may be placed on our email list, but can opt-out. We only send out important updates or promotions to clients. To unsubscribe simply email at info @ editmypaper.ca.

Information and documents collected may be used for the following purposes, but not limited to:

    1. To enhance and customize emails, editing opportunities or general communication between Edit My Paper and yourself.
    2. To conduct audits or resolve disputes.
    3. To conduct editing transactions and provide relevant information via email, telephone, or other methods of communication in the event of a dispute.
    4. To provide customer service or communications via email, telephone or direct mail. Updates, potential editing jobs or other information about Edit My Paper may be communicated via email and be personalized with the information you provided. Unsubscribing to any email notification is easy and located at the bottom of every email (or you may reply to that email telling us what you would like to do).
    5. Documents uploaded are only distributed to the editor that accepts the editing job based on the editing criteria such as number of pages, time limit, and remuneration. In the event the editor is unable to complete the editing job within the specified amount of time another editor may be given your document to complete or restart the editing process.
    6. Documents are stored internally and accessible in your account and not sold. Your edited document will be referred to in the event a dispute has arisen. All editors adhere to our strict privacy policy and will never use, sell, trade or distribute any papers(s) they edit.
    7. Documents and/or data points within documents can be used for auditing, training purposes, learning purposes, and to ensure the best quality service is provided.
    8. Your paper will never end up on the internet, nor will it be accessible to plagiarism scanners. You can submit your paper to your institution's plagiarism scanner with confidence. 

Do we protect your information?

Yes, we protect your information. We utilize SSL encryption site-wide and adhere to a strict internal password policy. Credit Card information is sent via an encrypted connection direct to Stripe.com and protected with Stripe’s encryption. EditMyPaper does not store your credit card information. The same applies to Paypal transactions. All personal information is kept confidential. Editors and clients are NEVER provided with each other’s information. We have electronic countermeasures to ensure that personal information is kept out of documents uploaded for editing. Client information is never distributed to the editor. If you wish for your paper or information to be deleted, simply email us at info @ editmypaper.ca and we will process your request shortly.

Do we use internet cookies?

Cookies are used to personalize your web experience in order to have our computers ‘remember’ if you had begun any transaction or inquiry. Cookies retain basic information about what links you look at on our website in order to benefit your browsing experience and help us build on what our clients find most helpful. Cookies are also used to tailor relevant ads. We are currently not using cookies tracking or advertising purposes, and only necessary cookies are used to facilitate a seamless browsing experience.

Is your information ever released outside Edit My Paper?

Your information is not disclosed, distributed, or sold to any outside party. The only party that has access to your information is Edit My Paper. The information in a client’s document to be edited is disclosed to facilitate the editing process to the editor(s) involved. Some third parties may be contracted by Edit My Paper to audit, enhance or assist Edit My Paper in our day-to-day operations and to enhance or improve our operations.

Any third party must adhere to our strict privacy and confidentiality agreements put in place. If law enforcement provides a court order for your information, it may be released to cooperate with any proceedings, enforce our Terms of Service, or other pertinent issues. Only information that is available at the time of request will be released, and clients or editors will be promptly notified if any information is released. Cookies may be used in conjunction with any advertising, but none of the information will be disclosed to the public.

Do we link to outside sites?

From time-to-time we may link to outside sites in order to provide additional services or information. You are responsible to view their Terms of Service and/or Privacy Policies as well as adhere to them when using outside, third party services.

Fighting Internet and Wireless Spam Bill C-28

Edit My Paper strives to adhere to all online and offline privacy, spam and commerce laws in Canada.

Edit My Paper’s Privacy Policy

Our online privacy policy and terms of service applies to online activity on editmypaper.ca.

Your Consent

By visiting and conducting a transaction with Edit My Paper or its editors, you agree to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

Amending our Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy may be updated periodically, to which you will be notified about if it will critically impact you. Any new changes will allow you to agree or opt out of any changes and can be further discussed by contacting us. This policy was last modified on January 1, 2021.

Please Contact Us

We are available via email to clarify any part of our website or Privacy Policy and Terms of Service at: editmypaper.ca


Safe and Secure: Our Promise
From the moment you upload your document, your information is kept secret and is never sold, shared, or distributed outside of our organization. We use your document(s) and information for the purposes of editing your document only.

Edit My Paper strives to provide efficient, helpful and constructive editing to assist our clients with their writing. We take all issues seriously as we are confident in the quality of work that is produced by our team of professionals who have vast experience within many different fields of study.

Please note that results may vary depending on the quality of document submitted. Our editors do not re-write your paper for you, however, they do their best to ensure your writing is at a university level! 

The best part about hiring our editing team is they make you aware of any critical errors in your paper so there are no unpleasant surprises later. Have questions for us? Try our live chat or send us an email at  [email protected]
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